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Powerlifting Weightlifting BELT | Premium Quality

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M (28-32 INCH) L (32-35 INCH) XL (35-40 INCH)

  • Genuine Leather Powerlifting Belt is 4" wide and 10 mm thick, perfect for providing additional support during heavy lifts whether you are an Olympic lifter, powerlifter or a casual gym goer. International Powerlifting Federation Compliant.
  • Made of 2 layers of nubuck split leather, finished with a layer of premium black suede leather on the inside and outside for support and comfort.
  • Double Prong Heavy Duty Steel Roller buckle for secure and snug fitting with 9 precision-spaced holes for easy tightening and optimal comfort and support.
  • 4 rows of double stitching for durability, and 3 cm wide Tongue loop to secure the tab.
  • Five size options to choose from, belt can be stiff when new and may need some break-in time, but you will never need to worry about its reliability.

Whether you are an Olympic lifter, Powerlifter or even a casual gym-goer, This Powerlifting Weightlifting BELT is perfect for providing additional support during your heavy lifts.


It is ideal for near maximal attempts on compound lifts, such as deadlifts or squats. The belt matches many of the leading belts on the market; it's 10mm thickness and 100% suede leather is robust, yet comfortable.


The stainless steel double prong buckle makes it quick and easy to remove the belt after your lifts. The belt adds a great look and stylish design. Thickness: 10mm Width: 101mm (4 inches)

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