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Olimp Nutrition MCT Oil

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When it comes to a new source of energy for the person with a busy schedule or the gym enthusiastist who doesn't want to pick up extra body fat, mct oil is the answer. MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides. The amazing feature that the mcts hold that is giving it tons of attention is its ability to supply the body with energy without leading to fat storage in the body. MCT oil is a fat that has carbohydrate traits when its comes to the energy it supplies. You can find MCT oils in common everyday items such as butter, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. MCT oils have been used a lot by athletes looking to build muscle and reduce fat at the same time. MCT oils energy enhancing qualities allows muscle blasting workouts to last longer and allows athletes to withstand sluggish outings with more endurance. MCTs ability to provide energy has made it intriguing as not just a pre workout supplement but a post workout one to. When your muscles are broke down after a gruelling workout, to assist the anabolic stage, MCT oils help energize the body and help strengthening the wore out muscles of your body. For overweight or obese people, MCTs have been known to be a help in the weight loss area. MCTs are extremely low in calories, so picking up weight using MCTs are highly doubtful. Just knowing that your consuming fats that will keep you from gaining weight but at the same time satisfying your appetite, that can be a very compelling reason to work toward your weight loss goal. In a twelve week study promoting a low carb diet where one group consumed regular fats and the other group consumed MCT fats the results where very optimistic. The group that ate regular fats lost 6 pounds, while the group that ate the MCTs lost 8 1/2 pounds! MCTs have also been linked to the ability of reducing hunger. In another study, after consuming MCTs at one meal, by the next meal participants ate remarkably less food. MCTs ability to dull appetite can be a groundbreaking discovery for the weight loss world. MCTs are a very optimistic product for the determined athlete or the unhealthy overweight person looking to shed some pounds. MCTs are completely safe to take. Although they shouldn't be digested on a empty stomach to avoid nausea and irritation.

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